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    The new Ghost Train Orchestra album Book of Rhapsodies is getting rave reviews, landing at #3 on the Burning Ambulance Top 25 Jazz Albums of 2013 and on the Best Large Ensemble Releases by the NYC Jazz Record. Phil Freeman of Burning Ambulance writes "Carpenter is on a mission to make 21st Century listeners aware of just how much awesome music was being made in the early decades of the 20th by rooting out obscurities and tweaking the arrangements until they pop like fireworks." Andrew Velez of the NYC Jazz Record writes "This is an amazing ensemble, playing music like no others these days. There hasnít been big band music as exciting as this since forever...GTO is creating its own electrifying musical gold."
    Davis Inman of Downbeat Magazine writes "Carpenter and his collaborators find plenty of new life in these old charts and 78s...down a rabbit hole to a bizarre, charming world of nearly forgotten music from the 1930s." The CD and 16-page booklet is available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at our STORE.


    The Ghost Train Orchestra will be releasing their new CD Book of Rhapsodies on Saturday October 26th on an incredible show at Subculture in Manhattan with the Raymond Scott Orchestrette. The show features the 9-piece orchestra plus guitarist Avi Bortnick and bassist Michael Bates performing Brian Carpenter's all new riveting arrangements of music from the late 1930s. Get tickets today here.


    The Ghost Train Orchestra is ramping up to record its third album in September. The album marks a second volume of the acclaimed debut album Hothouse Stomp (2011) with all new exciting arrangements from late 1920s Chicago and Harlem bands, including a recently discovered and unreleased piece from Charlie Johnson's Paradise Orchestra. GTO will be performing two shows in New York leading up to the recording: Sunday August 25th at Mehanata in Manhattan, and Friday September 13th at Barbes in Brooklyn. GTO's second album Book of Rhapsodies is set to release on Tuesday October 8. More information at the GTO website.


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