For the past 12 months Ghost Train Orchestra has been working on a new project reimagining the music of Louis Hardin, a.k.a. MOONDOG. Moondog was a blind composer who lived and worked on the streets of Manhattan from the 1940s until 1972, when he settled in Germany. He wrote songs, sonatas, canons, madrigals, and symphonies, influencing both Philip Glass (with whom he lived for a year) and Steve Reich. His music is unique and impossible to categorize. 

Our debut performance will be Saturday January 5th at the NYC Winter Jazzfest, 6pm at SubCulture as part of the half-day marathon. Tickets available here.

GTO leader Brian Carpenter and Moondog biographer Robert Scotto were guests on Irwin Chusid's radio show on WFMU celebrating the work of Moondog earlier this year. You can listen to that entire program here.