Hot Town is the third album from the Ghost Train Orchestra. The album continues where the debut album Hothouse Stomp left off, with sophisticated new arrangements of music by overlooked bands of late 1920s Chicago and Harlem. The album was recorded in 2013 by Andy Taub at Brooklyn Recording Studios and mixed by Danny Blume and Brian Carpenter at Hidden Quarry Studios in Woodstock NY. Release date May 12 2015.



"At once faithful and resolutely postmodern in its approach, Hot Town delivers..." -- Francis Davis, TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2015

"Carpenter retains the feel and atmosphere, succeeding at being creative within the style of the era...heartily recommended" -- Scott Yanow, BEST JAZZ ALBUMS OF 2015

"The arrangements are inventive, and the solos come fast and furious. Hot Town is all about fun." -- Steve Greenlee, JAZZTIMES EDITOR'S PICK

"The Ghost Train Orchestra features musicians who consistently operate outside the mainstream, and Hot Town proves no one covers singular jazz from a bygone era better than these singular jazzers of today." -- Dave Lynch, ALLMUSIC


1. Hot Town
2. Mo'Lasses
 3. Skag-a-Lag
4. Harlem Drag
5. You Ain't the One
6. Down Yonder
7. Bright Boy Blues
8. Springfield Stomp
9. Alligator Crawl
10. Friction
11. You Can't Go Wrong
12. Charleston is the Best Dance After All


Brian Carpenter - trumpet, arrangements
Mazz Swift - violin, vocals
Jordan Voelker - viola, saw
Andy Laster - alto saxophone, flute
Dennis Lichtman - clarinet
Petr Cancura - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet
Colin Stetson - bass saxophone
Curtis Hasselbring - trombone
Cynthia Sayer - plectrum banjo
Ron Caswell - tuba
Rob Garcia - drums
Andrew Stern - tenor banjo

Jonny Hannah - artwork
Chippy - design and layout