Dreamland is a musical stage play with book by Brian Carpenter and Jordan Voelker and music and lyrics by Brian Carpenter. Inspired by Ray Bradbury's 1962 novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, the musical tells the story of Johnny, whose macabre dreams mirror and foreshadow his troubled family life. When his daughter Emma Jean runs away and is abducted by a dark carnival magician named Mr Fox, he is forced to confront both his own personal demons and his family. Beat Circus, a dark carnival orchestra with organ, strings, and low brass, is set up on far stage left and plays songs during dream sequences and incidental music during scenes.

For inquiries about staging Dreamland, please contact Brian Carpenter.



Johnny, an alcoholic out-of-work miner
Darla, his pious wife
Emma Jean, their rebellious daughter, age 13
Abilene McGurk, Emma's best friend
Jimmy McGurk, the local barkeep
Mr. Fox, a sinister carnival magician
"Eat Em Up" Jack McManus, Mr. Fox's strongman assistant
Billy The Gink, the town drunk


Overture - Beat Circus
The Ghost Of Emma Jean - Narrator, Emma Jean
Hypnogogia - Beat Circus
Delirium Tremens - Narrator, Carnival Ensemble
The Gem Saloon - Narrator, Saloon Ensemble
Gyp The Blood - Beat Circus
Suicide Hall - Jimmy McGurk, Eat Em Up Jack
Coney Island Creepshow - Billy The Gink, Mr. Fox, Eat Em Up Jack, Carnival Ensemble