Dreamland is the first part of Brian Carpenter's "Weird American Gothic" trilogy. It was recorded and mixed in 2006 and 2007 at B.C. Studios in Brooklyn, NY by Martin Bisi. Released in 2008.



"Wonderfully well-realized arrangements...a warped imagination." -- ALLMUSIC GUIDE

"Best Rock Albums of 2008. A breathtaking journey...16 cinematic vignettes scored for 22 musicians that alternate between warm humor, macabre doom, and nostalgic melancholy." -- PIERO SCARUFFI




1. Gyp The Blood
2. The Ghost Of Emma Jean
3. Hypnogogia
4. Delirium Tremens
5. Lucid State
6. Death Fugue
7. The Good Witch
8. Dark Eyes
9. Slavochka
10. The Gem Saloon
11. El Torero
12. The Rough Riders
13. Coney Island Creepshow
14. Hell Gate
15. Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland
16. March Of The Freaks



Brian Carpenter - vocals, harmonica, trumpet, accordion, harmonium
Kaethe Hostetter - violin, vocals
Alec K. Redfearn - accordion, jawharp
Brandon Seabrook - tenor banjo, slide guitar, mandolin
Julia Kent - cello
Briggan Krauss - alto, baritone saxophones
Curtis Hasselbring - trombone
Ron Caswell - tuba
Matt McLaren - drums

Brian Dewan - electric zither, cover artwork
Sxip Shirey - bells, triple-extended pennywhistle, breath blasts
Todd Robbins - upright piano
Michael Hearst - theremin
Orion Rigel Dommisse - voice on "The Ghost of Emma Jean"
Invert - string quartet
Jesse Sparhawk - harp
Holly Brewer - voice
Mat McNiss - voice
DJ Hazard - voice on "Coney Island Creepshow"