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Book of Rhapsodies Vol. II is the fourth album from the Ghost Train Orchestra. The album continues where the Book of Rhapsodies left off, with surreal new re-imaginings of early third stream music by composers from the late 1930s working with unusual instrumentation such as Alec Wilder, Reginald Foresythe, and Hal Herzon. The album was recorded in 2015 by Andy Taub at Brooklyn Recording Studios and mixed by Danny Blume and Brian Carpenter at Hidden Quarry Studios in Woodstock NY. Release date October 20 2017.


"What makes all of this music work are Carpenter’s total dedication to the arrangements, his love of these bygone composers and a sense of pure, joyous fun...the only thing better than listening to this music is hearing it live." -- Frank Alkyer, Downbeat

"The voices add a lush new dimension...sassy, funny, and sometimes quite beautiful...an outstanding piece of work" -- 4.5 stars by Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz


1. Confusion Among a Fleet of Taxicabs
2. Hare and the Hounds
3. A Hymn to Darkness Part I: Deep Forest
4. Pedigree on a Pomander Walk
5. Walking Home in Spring
6. Deserted Ballroom
7. A Little Girl Grows Up
8. Fantasy Impromptu
9. Kindergarten Flower Pageant
10. A Hymn to Darkness Part II: Lament for Congo
11. The House Detective Registers
12. Garden of Weed


Brian Carpenter - trumpet, arrangements
Ben Kono - alto saxophone, flute
Dennis Lichtman - clarinet
Petr Cancura - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet
Curtis Hasselbring - trombone
Ron Caswell - tuba
Mazz Swift - violin, vocals
Evan Price - violin
Emily Bookwalter - viola
Jordan Voelker - viola, saw
Avi Bortnick - guitar
Michael Bates - double bass
Rob Garcia - drums
Rob Reich - accordion

Aubrey Johnson - soprano
Katie Seiler - mezzo-soprano
Mazz Swift - alto
Tomas Cruz - tenor
Brian Carpenter - baritone
Joe Chappell - bass

Boston City Singers Cambridge Children's Chorus directed by Wendy Silverberg
Lucy Alexander
Lucas Berman
Anisa Brown
Gita Drummond
Hannah Erickson
Alexandra Mahajan
Nina Mazereeuw
Ava Posiko
Layla Posiko
Kiera Putrih
Annie Stone-Peterson

Noah Woods - artwork
Lure Design - design and layout